Mons Lake Editorials

This section is dedicated to stories related to Mons Lake or stories that might be of interest to our readers.
Below I have shared a few of my adventures and I invite you to submit your stories.


Saskatoon Pie

pie5A weekend at the lake does not always mean time on the beach or out fishing.

The August long weekend started out with marginal weather so we found ourselves looking for something to do.

I discovered a few Saskatoon bushes in the back yard, this soon had us talking about Saskatoon pie. It was not long before everyone was picking berries. After we exhausted the back yard bushes we thought we should be checking the roadsides in the area. Wow it was a bonanza.

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Skunk Problems

I would have anticipated skunk problems at the lake but not at our home. Towards the end of the week I stepped into my garage and thought I picked up the faint smell of skunk.  I soon discovered other signs that a skunk had skunktaken up residence in the garage. I expected it was because I had left the garage door open late the night before.  Thus I hoped leaving it open the next day would encourage him to leave.

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Home Security

foscamWhen you are on the road, it would sure be nice to keep an eye on your home. Security systems have been around for a long time, but with todays technology and smart phones, everything has changed. Over the years I have utilized the various security companies. Depending on how good their salesman is, this can be very expensive and produce less then satisfactory results. False alarms were the biggest problem for me. I have at least two friends that have had to pay fines for too many false alarms.

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Bears at Mons Lake

Yes as is the case with most northern Alberta lakes, there are bears at Mons Lake. As I was told by a long time
bearresident, the lake at one time was called Bear Lake because of the many bears in the area. You rarely see them in the spring and early summer, but around the first of August as the berries start to ripen they seem to become more active.

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