Feer of Bears

Feer of Bears

Feer of BearsMost of us have an unrealistic fear of bears and I am no exception. I need to tell you a story that occurred many years ago on my family was still very young. We had driven to the BC coast to see relatives and we were tent camping on the way. The trip went well, but on our way back we needed to spend our last night camping in a crows nest past campsite. This was definitely bear country and we were concerned about it. Just as we find a good campsite a park ranger passes by. We ask him if there are any bears in the area and he says they have not seen any for two or three days. That tells me it is about time for them to show up again. Gail announces that her and the girls will be sleeping in the car. My son who was about 9 and I proceeded to set up the tent and get the campsite ready. We bravely said we would be sleeping in the tent.

As darkness fell all all five of us were in the car. The smallest girl was able to sleep in the back window while the other two were able to use the seat and the floor to get horizontal. Gail and I were left trying to figure out how we were going to sleep in a sitting position.

After an hour or two it is pitch black outside and Gail decides she needs to go to the bathroom. I courageously suggested she could go just outside the car and I would roll the window down. That did not work for her and she decided she did not need to go that bad.

Now about four hours later we hear the noise of garbage containers clattering around. I suspect it is bears getting into the containers just in front of the car. I say I am going to turn the lights on so we can have a look, but she wouldn’t let me. It didn’t take much to talk me out of it.

The morning revealed the chaos that occurred in front of the car through the night. Garbage strewn about with plenty of bear scat.

We were very stiff and sore from our uncomfortable nights sleep but soon we were packed up and on our way.

Several years ago I had a gifted cartoonist working for me and we created a series of cartoons depicting some of our camping adventures. This cartoon was one of them. Although the story is not quite the same you get the picture.

Ed Boothman