MLCA-Minutes-Sept 04,2016

President called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm
There were 35 in attendance

Old Business
1.Cement blocks at Sandy Lane – waiting for approval from Fisheries
2.Grant. Still looking into
3.Retaining all- county took the old one out. waiting for approval from
environment to install new one
4.C.O.P- Big process to join
Need security clearance for all who join
Will still look into joining

New Business
1.County- speed signs
build a washroom
extend fence here and at Sandy Lane
extend parking lot at the boat launch
Functions- July pig roast kirk and connie
Aug- Pancake breakfast – glenda
Sept- hamburger and hot dog day
Poster to be made with all events and put up

Elections- Pres- Glenda McGinnis
Vice-pres-Betty Epp
Sec-Treas- Donna Ritter

Memberships are now due

Horseshoes on Sunday- Mitch and Randy will do

Mitch moved meeting be adjourned. Zane seconded

Pig roast to follow meeting.